Terms & Conditons
web pages Terms and Conditions, and every
individual, person or registered user using the site must
accept these T&C
without exception. Please make sure that you read through
these T&C
completely and carefully before you start using the Website
because we assume
that everyone using the Website has read the whole content
of the T&C and
agrees with them. In any case you do not accept these
T&C in their entirety
you should not use or continue using the Website.
In these Terms and Conditions, unless the context otherwise
”Zeslots” means Website URLs and other linked URLs are
owned, maintained and operated under the license of Curaçao
and its physical
address: E-Commerce Park Vredenberg.
”User” Means yourself or any person who after reading these
Terms and Conditions agrees, registers or uses the website
in any way.
Registration will be deemed to be use of the Website.
and other related URLs which are owned,
maintained and operated by Zeslots, under licence of
”Account” means the account opened during the registration
procedure by the User and used to participate in the Games.
”Registration” means the completion of the registration
procedure by the User with Zeslots.
”Games” means all the games provided by Zeslots and
that may time to time become available on the Website.
”Login Details” means the username and password of the User
necessary for the User to gain access to his Account and to
the Games.
“Available Balance” means the amount of credit available in
the Account, to be used by the User for Games.
”Balance Available for Withdrawal” shall mean the Available
Balance, in part or in whole, that is available for
withdrawal by the User.
1. Enforcement & Amendments
1.1.2These Terms and Conditions constitute a binding
agreement between Zeslots and the User as soon as the
User ticks the ”ACCEPT”
checkbox. By doing so, the User signifies that he has read
and accepted these
Terms and Conditions in their entirety before finishing the
1.3The User accepts that Terms and Conditions may be updated
by us time to time and agrees with possible changes. If the
User does not read
and accept the Terms and Conditions entirety he should not
use or continue
using the Website.
1.4We reserves the right to add, remove and amend Games and
their respective rules from the Website. It is sole
responsibility of the User
to ensure that he is aware of the amendments. Continued use
of the Website
following any changes to the Terms and Conditions will be
deemed to be an
acceptance of the Terms and Conditions as amended.
1.5Maintaining the Account with , rules and explanations for
participating in any of the Games and other important
information is provided
in separate links on the Website and are incorporated into
these Terms and
Conditions by reference.
1.6These Terms and Conditions are published in a number of
languages only for information purposes and ease of access
by players.
2. Obligations, Mandatory Requirements &
2.1By accepting these Terms and Conditions the User hereby
declares and warrants that:
• He is at least 18 years old or such higher minimum legal
age of majority as stipulated in the laws of jurisdiction
applicable to the
User and that, under the laws applicable to the User he is
allowed to
participate in the Games offered on the Zeslots Website
• He intends to participate and participates in the Games on
his own behalf and not on the behalf of any other person
• The funds deposited in the Account are not tainted with
any illegality and does not originate from any illegal
activity or source
• He intends to participate and participates in the Games
strictly in his personal non-profession al capacity for
recreational and
entertainment reasons only
• He does not reside in country where the Games offered by Casino
are illegal
2.2The User convince that all information provided to during
the term of validity of this agreement is complete, true and
correct, and that
the User shall immediately notify of any change of such
2.3Zeslots takes no responsibility if the User loses
or part of the money deposited into the Account and the User
understands this
2.4It is the Users sole responsibility to know whether
online gambling is legal in his country of residence.
2.5The User is solely responsible for reporting, accounting
and paying any taxes applicable under relevant laws for any
winnings that the
user receives from Zeslots.
2.6The User shall only use credit and debit cards and other
financial instruments that are valid and that lawfully
belong to the User.
2.7All the Games, software and content of the Website that Casino
makes available to the User is owned by Zeslots or
other Third Parties and is
protected by copyright.
2.8The User may only use content of Zeslots Website
his own personal, recreational uses in accordance with all
rules, Terms and
Conditions hereby established and in accordance with all
applicable laws, rules
and regulations.
2.9The User shall use courteous manners, all rude and
inappropriate language is prohibited.
2.10It is the User's sole responsibility to print these
Terms and Conditions and all transactions effected in
relation to the use of
the Website and to keep them in an easily accessible and
safe place.
2.11Zeslots takes no responsibility if the Website and
links does not work properly. The User agrees that he is
using the Games and
the services Zeslots Website provides at his own risk.
Zeslots shall not be
liable for any amount exceeding the funds deposited by the
User and shall not
be liable for any indirect or consequential losses including
loss of profits or
2.12Zeslots and its employees do not guarantee that
Website is and works flawless, or the Website and the Games
included on the
Website will be accessible without interruptions. Casino
Zeslots does not guarantee
that the Website is fit for their purpose. The User accepts
that Zeslots, its
employees and business partners are not responsible in any
case for any cost,
loss, expenses, damage, consequential, incidental or otherwise,
arising in
relation to the User's use of the Website or participation
in the Games.
2.14Any Player found to be using any form of computer aid in
their betting (such as bots and other automated processes)
will be banned play
in the casino and their accounts blocked permanently. The
Player should not
play on the same game across multiple websites of the same
live table feed at
the same time, should not use computer aids, mathematical
equations or betting
systems to play. Using any combination of these will lead
player account to be
blocked and funds to be frozen. Zeslots will reserve
right to notify
authorities in all cases.
3. Zeslots Account
3.1Zeslots receives deposits, manages funds
and/or accomplishes withdrawals. Zeslots manages the
Account completely and
calculates available funds, pending funds as well the amount
of the winnings.
These amounts are considered as final and are not subject to
any dispute. Zeslots
uses dedicated reputable external Payment Solution Providers
to act, receive
and pay funds on behalf of Zeslots, with access to
these services being
processed by Zeslots. When providing access to online
trading services via
, Zeslots. undertakes to act honestly, fairly and
professionally in accordance with the best interests of
clients. Subject to the
T&C, any relevant liability towards clients in this
regard, subject to this
having been duly established under law, shall fully rest
with Zeslots.
3.3During the registration procedure the User must fill up
all mandatory information requested into the registration
form so the
information provided is true, complete and correct. The User
has sole
responsibility to ensure that the registration information
he provides is true,
complete and correct and the User hereby warrants to Casino
Zeslots that the
information provided is true, complete and correct.
3.4Zeslots reserves the right to perform verification
procedures, whether itself or through third parties. If Casino
Zeslots founds out
that the information provided contains false or misleading
information an
Account may be blocked or closed permanently. Zeslots
reserves the right to
request the User to produce official documents to prove his
identity. Zeslots
also reserves the right to request for address verification
by asking for
copies of bank statements, utility bills or any other
document Zeslots considers
fit. If the User refuses, does not produce or we haven't
receive any such
documents requested in, Zeslots will be entitled to
block the Users account
or possible close it permanently.
3.5During the registration process the User will have to
choose his Login Details for login into the Website. The
User has sole
responsibility to ensure that the Login Details
are protected and kept securely. The Login Details are
personal and the User must not disclose his Login Details to
anyone. If the
Login Details has been exposed to third parties, whether
intentional, negligent
or accidental, Zeslots is not responsible for any
abuse or misuse of an
account by third parties.
3.6Zeslots is not responsible of the confidentiality
Login Details but it is sole responsibility of the User. Any
implemented using the Login Details of the User will be
considered as being
implemented by the User and any liability arising from such
use shall be
strictly of the User. The Account is individual and the User
has complete
responsibility for Account obligations and also entitled to
all profits and
benefits. If Third Parties are aware of Login Details it is
the sole
responsibility of the User to inform Zeslots and it is
sole responsibility of
the User to change such Login Details.
3.7Each person including the User shall only register to Casino
with one Account. If we notice that same person has or
attempts to open more
than one Account, all the Users Accounts may be blocked or
possibly closed
3.8Only one Account for each household is allowed. If two or
more users share the same household, Zeslots must be
informed, by the Users
residing in the aforementioned household. Also Transfer or
sale of funds from
one User to another or from one Account to another is
3.9Zeslots reserves the right to close down existing
Accounts without explanation. In this case, if there is no
proof of fraudulent
behaviour, the full balance will be paid out to the User. Casino
Zeslots also
reserves the right to report to the appropriate authorities,
if any User is
involved in any form of suspected fraudulent behaviour.
3.10It is the choice of the User, upon registration, to
choose the currency of his Account. Payments received in a
different currency
from that chosen by the User will be converted by Casino
Zeslots into the currency
of the account at the prevailing exchange rate. The user
accepts that any
exchange fees as a result of such conversion will be
incurred by the User.
3.11The User can make deposits to Zeslots by using
following currencies: EUR, or in any other currency as may
be specified by Zeslots.
3.12The currency of the Account may be changed by the User
to any of the currency as specified by Zeslots but
only when Account balance
is less than one (1) unit in currency. The User also accepts
that any exchange
fees as a result of such conversion will be incurred by the
3.13If the User does not log on to his account for a
consecutive period exceeding 12 months, Zeslots deems
that the User account
is ”Inactive”. Once the account is deemed to be inactive,
the User agree to pay
Zeslots a monthly administrative fee of EUR 5 - or the
current balance of the
account if less – as long as a balance remains positive.
Therefore Zeslots is
authorized to debit this fee from the Users Zeslots
Account in the beginning
of the next month following the day on which the Users Casino
Zeslots account is
deemed inactive. This fee will be collected until the
Account is re-activated
or until the account balance is zero. The Account admin fee
is charged as
permanently inactive Zeslots customer accounts require
organizational efforts.
3.14In order to place bets or participate in Games
offered by the Website, the User has to have Available Balance
in his account. Zeslots
does not grant any credit whatsoever
for the use of its website or of any of the Games. If the
Available Balance is less than the minimum required amount
to place the bet,
the bet placed will be invalid.
3.15Zeslots offers various of different payment
All information required to deposit funds into the Account
can be found from
the deposit page of the Website. The User may choose a
deposit method depending
on his country of origin and if the method is valid in his country
of origin. Zeslots
reserves the right to take action to verify the identity of
the User when
effecting deposits into the Account.
3.16Depending on the deposit method selected by the User,
deposits may incur third party charges. It is the Users sole
responsibility to
take care that he is aware of these possible third party
fees that banks and
financial institutions may independently charge the User for
deposits made into
the Account.
3.17When using a credit or debit card for depositing funds, Casino
accepts such deposits only after an approval and
authorisation code is received
from the bank or financial institution providing such
financial instruments. If
Zeslots does not receive such approval and
authorisation code the account
will not be credited with these funds.
3.18The User may withdraw funds from his Account by issuing Casino
with a valid notice of withdrawal made via the Zeslots
website. All
withdrawal requests received by email, phone, or any method
other than through
the withdrawal page on the Website shall not be accepted.
The amount of funds
that may be withdrawn may not exceed the Available Balance
on the Account.
3.19Whenever possible Zeslots will effect withdrawals
using the same method and account chosen by the User to make
deposits however Zeslots
reserves the right to change the withdrawal method by its
sole discretion.
Withdrawals may incur charges by third party banks or
financial institutions
depending on the deposit and withdrawal method selected by
the User. In
reference to clause 2.12 it is the Users sole responsibility
to take care that
he is aware of these possible third party fees.
3.20Prior to effecting a withdrawal, Zeslots may
the User to provide copies of legal photo identifications
such as copies of
passports, national identity cards or any other form of
identification Zeslots
shall deem valid at its own discretion. If the User has
deposited funds using a
credit card or if the withdrawal method shall be to a credit
card, Zeslots
may request for copies of the front and back of the credit
card in question,
when for the User's own protection from the front of the
card all numbers
except last 4 digits shall be covered and from the back of
the card CVV/CVV2
number shall be covered.
3.21If the Zeslots account is mistakenly credited with
credit, winnings or other funds, the User is obligated to
inform Zeslots
immediately using email, phone or fax. The amount mistakenly
credited will
remain property of Zeslots without exception and the
User shall transfer the
amount in question from the Account back to Zeslots
instantly. If the User
withdraws any such funds mistakenly credited, the User shall
be a certain and
liquidated debtor towards Zeslots for the amount
withdrawn which debt shall
be immediately due. If the User place any bets on Games
using such mistakenly
credited amounts, winnings or funds these bets shall be
3.22Zeslots will carry out additional verification
procedures for any payout exceeding the equivalent of two
thousand Euros (EUR
2,000). These action shall be carried out within reasonable
timeframe to avoid
any inconvenience. Zeslots may carry such verification
procedures in case of
lower payouts. To avoid any doubt, Zeslots may delay
the crediting of any
such payment to the user account until such verification
measures are carried
3.23The Account may be closed at any time by the User. All
available balance in the Account will be returned to the
User and repayment
method for these funds will be Zeslots's sole
discretion. Zeslots shall
deduct payment charges for such withdrawals. If a user is
found to
systematically use any parts of the systems in a way for
which it is not
intended to be used in order to gain money the account will
be immediately
adjusted to remove money gained from such activity and the
Account may be
permanently closed.
3.24Zeslots reserves the right to close an Account and
refund the User the Available Balance, excluding relevant
withdrawal charges
incurred, at Zeslots absolute discretion and without
giving prior notice or
any obligation to state a reason.
3.25Zeslots may close an Account if the User has not
with hes Login Details for a consecutive period exceeding 12
months. After a
notification has been sent to the registered e-mail address
of the User, whole
balance may be removed from the Account. If the User does
not carry out the
transaction for 30 months, Zeslots shall remit the
balance to the User. If
the User cannot be sufficiently located, Available Balance
shall be transferred
to the Gaming Authority.
3.26Bonuses awarded by Zeslots can only be received
per person and/or account, household, email address, IP
address, credit card
number and environments where computers are shared
(university, library,
workplace, etc.). n case of duplicate accounts with the same
name or with the
same IP address Zeslots reserves the right to
confiscate any existing funds
and close an Account if evidence of abuse or/and fraud is
found. If bonuses
awarded by Zeslots to the User have not been used
within 2 months, such
bonuses will be withhold and removed.
3.27Each bonus awarded by Zeslots need to be wagered
A player who receives a no deposit bonus will have to play it 10X.
Withdrawal will be possible up to 10 x the bonus For players who take a 200%
deposit bonus they will have to play it 35X the stake.
and withdrawal will be possible with no withdrawal limit for deposit bonuses.
For additional bonuses, unless mentioned otherwise in the promotion sent
by Casino
Zeslots, before
the User is entitled to make a withdrawal request. If the
wagering requirements.

  • The
    following applies to all Bonus funds obtained on the site, unless
    otherwise stated in the specific terms and conditions for a promotion.
    You agree by accepting these terms and conditions to wager 35x the
    amount of bonus won + any remaining wagering requirement prior to
    cashing out. If you decide to cash-out (withdraw) before fulfilling the
    wagering requirement, you will forfeit all remaining bonus funds, free
    spins,For example, if you win £10
    bonus from free spins and your current wagering requirement is £100,
    this will result in a wagering requirement of £10 X 35 + £100 = £450. If
    there is no existing bonus in your balance or wagering requirement, the
    wagering requirement is calculated as £10 x 35 = £350.
  • Only
    bonus wagers contribute towards fulfilling the wagering requirement. Real
    Money wagers do not contribute.
  • You
    can withdraw your Real Money balance (subject to the Banking Policy below)
    but Bonus funds can never be withdrawn.
  • The
    maximum amount (for accounts that have made a deposit) which can
    be converted to your Real Money (withdrawable) balance as a result of
    fulfilling the bonus wagering requirement on a funded account is equal
    to lifetime deposits (up to £250). For example, if you have accumulated
    bonus funds of £400 once the wagering requirement has been fulfilled and
    your lifetime deposits are £50, then £50 will be transferred to your
    real money bankroll. The remaining bonus balance will be removed
    permanently. As another example, if you have accumulated bonus funds of
    £400 once the wagering requirement has been fulfilled and your lifetime
    deposits are £250 or more (for example lifetime deposits are equal to
    £500), then £250 will be transferred to your real money bankroll. The
    remaining bonus balance will be removed permanently.
  • The
    maximum bonus conversion for accounts that have not made a
    deposit is £50. E.g. if you have accumulated bonus funds of £400 once
    the wagering requirement has been fulfilled, £50 will be transferred to
    your Real Money bankroll. The remaining bonus balance will be removed
  • Winnings
    generated from your bonus balance will be accumulated to the
    bonus balance bankroll. Once the wagering requirements (65x) have been
    met, the remaining bonus (equal to lifetime deposits up to maximum £250)
    will be transferred to your Real Money (withdrawable) bankroll. All
    withdrawals are subject to the banking policy included in these terms
    and conditions.

are not met by the User, Zeslots reserves the right to
decline withdrawal
request. Without exception bets in LIVE games, Roulette or
BlackJack does not
count as wagered bets.
3.28Withdrawals: The withdrawals cannot be successive, the
player will have to wait until the first withdrawal to pay
in full, in order to
carry out a second withdrawal
3.29 The player creating a duplicate account at Casino
Zeslots ,
all his account will be immediately suspended, and winnings
will be forfeited.
3.30  Procedure of KYC and Withdrawal validation:
A player who has made more than 5 transactions deposits, or 500 euro
deposit, the account will be on hold, until the client send to the casino full
Kyc. (ID (Front&Back) Middle cc card by hiding middle numbers of the card,
and utility bill  (Gaz, electricity bill, Phone bill) ) once all the
documents will be received the casino will re-open the account.
If the KYC is not matched with the information of the client account,
The casino will close the account immediately.
In case of positive balance money , the money will be frozen.
A player who has made a withdrawal will have 72 Working
hours to reverse  his withdrawal and try
to win more.
In the event that the player does not reverse his withdrawal
for more than 72 hours, the casino will start the KYC
verifications as well as
the regularity by which the winnings were obtained.
After verification, the casino will accept the withdrawal.
In the event that the KYCs are not updated, the casino is
entitled to refuse the withdrawal and to re-credit the
player account.
3.31 Depending on the VIP status, a player having played
with roulette , Withdraws will be refused.
3.32 A non-VIP player making a deposit less than 500 € / GBP
/ $ will not be
able to withdraw more than 10X his initial deposit, the rest
of the amount will be deleted.
After winnings , If the player trick the casino by making a
higher deposit of 500 € / £ / $ to
make a larger withdrawal, it will be considered as a fraud
and his account will be closed
immediately and the gains will be blocked.
The casino has the possibility to pay the winnings in
several payments , depends
on VIP Statut of the player.
The player who does not complete the bonus conditions will
not be able to make a withdrawal.
3.33 Withdrawal after Cashback:
In the event that the player wins following a CashBack /
Bonus cashback /FreeSpins CashBack (For example 30% CashBack
received by the casino),
25% of the amount withdrawn will be paid, following the
procedure of article 3.30.
The rest of the amount will be deleted from the player
account , and the balance will go back to
0 (excepting , deposits after withdraw).
A player who has received a cashback may withdraw a maximum
of 10X cashback
The player who has received a cash of 10 € will be able to
withdraw up to 10X the sum of the cash
Cashback Refund : will be refunded as a bonus, players will be able
to play only on the games which are avalable for bonus.
3.34 By Wire Transfer, the minimum Withdrawal will be 150 €
/ $ / £.
3.35 The free bonus received when registering or as a gift
after deposit, are only for playing
in Fun mode and for testing the machines. in the event of a win,
the players
will not be able to withdraw and needs to drop that balance
to 0 before depositing.
otherwise , the player account will be closed permanently.
4. Privacy, Breaches and Actions
4.1The User hereby acknowledges and consents that Casino
may process his personal data for the purposes of allowing
the User to access
and use the Website and in order to allow the User to
participate in Games and
to provide ancillary services to the User. Zeslots
hereby acknowledge that it
will only use the personal data of the User to allow the
User to participate in
the Games and to carry out operations relevant to the
participation in the
Games by the User. The personal data of the User shall also
be used for the
purposes of carrying out verification procedures in relation
to the
participation in the Games by the User.
4.2Zeslots reserves the right to share personal
information to our marketing partners (network provider,
bank payment
solutions, subsidiaries etc). Zeslots marketing partners
are also bound by
this privacy policy. The User has the right to access
personal data held by Zeslots
about him.
4.3The User must promptly inform Zeslots of any
changes in
any of the information given by the User, and is sole
responsible to amend the
information himself.
4.4The User hereby consents Zeslots to disclose
data to credit rating agencies, fraud detection agencies and
laundering agencies.
4.5The User herby consents Zeslots and/or its possible
service providers to transfer personal data from one country
to another in
order to provide the user with and efficient service.
4.6In order to make the visit to the Website by the User
more user-friendly gaming environment, to keep track of
visits to the Website
and to improve the service, therefore Zeslots collects
a small piece of
information sent from the browser, called cookie. The User
may if he desires
turn off the collection of cookies as further provided in
the relevant browser
instructions. The user acknowledges that turning off cookies
may restrict his
use of the Website.
4.7The User hereby agrees that Zeslots keeps him
from time to time about changes on the Website, promotions
and new services.
The User may opt out from this service by contacting Casino
Zeslots Customer
4.8Zeslots complies with the Anti-Money Laundering
Act. If
the User has suspicious transactions, Zeslots shall
report to the relevant
competent authorities in Malta. If the User becomes aware of
any suspicious
activity relating to any of the Games of the Website, the
User must report this
to Zeslots immediately.
4.9Zeslots may suspend, block or close an Account and
withhold funds if requested to do so in accordance with
prevailing legislation
in Curaçao regulating the Prevention of Money Laundering and
4.10If the User breaches any provision of these Terms and
Conditions or, Zeslots has a reasonable ground to
suspect that the User has
breached them, Zeslots reserves the right not to open,
to suspend or to close
the Account, withhold payment of winnings and apply such
debit on the Account
to the amount of any damages due by the User to Casino
4.11If Zeslots suspects that the User is engaged in
illegal or fraudulent activities when using the Website; or
in breach of these
Terms and Conditions; or that the User is having problems
with creditors or
anything else which is otherwise detrimental to its
business, Zeslots may
freeze or terminate the User’s account or cancel any stakes
at our absolute
4.12The User is hereby acknowledging that Zeslots
shall be
the final decision-maker of whether the User has violated Casino
Zeslots’s rules and
Terms and Conditions. This may result in suspension or
permanent barring of the
User from participating and using any of the services
offered by the Website
and Zeslots.
4.13If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is held
to be illegal or unenforceable, such provision shall be
severed from these
Terms and Conditions and all other provisions shall remain
in force unaffected
by such severance.
is the uniform resource locator
of Zeslots and no unauthorised use may be made of this
URL on another website
or digital platform without our prior written consent. Any
unauthorised use or
reproduction may be prosecuted.
4.15You shall not be involved in any fraudulent, collusive,
fixing or other unlawful activity in relation to Your or
third parties
participation in any of the Games and shall not use any
methods or techniques or hardware devices for Your
participation in any of the
Games. The online casino hereby reserves the right to
invalidate or close Your
Member Account or invalidate Your participation in a Game in
the event of such
4.16The computer software that we make available to You is
owned by the Online casino or other third Parties and
protected by copyright
and other intellectual property laws. You may only use the
software for Your
own personal, recreational uses in accordance with all
rules, T&Cs hereby
established and in accordance with all applicable laws,
rules and regulations.
All professional including team playing is against all
4.17Online Casino reserves the right to cancel your account
for any reason whatsoever at any time without notifying you.
Any balance in
your account at the time of such a cancellation will be
credited to your
credit/debit card or financial account.
4.18We also reserve the right, at our sole discretion,
cancel or suspend your account (notwithstanding any other
provision contained
in the Terms and Conditions) where we have reason to believe
that your account
may have been used for any of the following activities:
• I. If you have more than one active account at Online
• II. If the name registered on your Online Casino account
does not match the name on the financial/bank account and/or
the credit/debit
card(s) used to make deposits on the said Online Casino
• III. If you provide incorrect or misleading information
registering a Online Casino account
• IV. If you are not of legal age to gamble
• V. If you have allowed or permitted (intentionally or
unintentionally) someone else to Participate using your
Online Casino account
• VI. If you have played in tandem with other Customer(s) as
part of a club, group, team etc., or placed bets or wagers
in a coordinated
manner with other Customer(s) involving the same (or
materially the same)
selections or tactics; in this instance we further reserve
the right, at our
sole discretion, to restrict the total maximum pay out for
the combined total
of any such bets, to the equivalent of the Maximum Payout
Limits permitted for
a single Customer (as outlined in the Online Casino Rules).
Online Casino is
for sole use on an individual basis and for personal
entertainment only
• VII. If Online Casino has received a “charge back” and/or
a "return" notification via a deposit mechanism
used on your account
• VIII. If you are found colluding, cheating, money
laundering or undertaking any kind of fraudulent activity
• IX. If it is determined by Online Casino that you have
employed or made use of a system (including machines,
computers, software or
other automated systems such as bots etc) designed
specifically to defeat the
gaming system
4.19If we have reasonable grounds to believe that You have
participated in any of the activities set out in clause 4.18
above then (in
addition to any suspension or termination of Your account
enacted), we reserve
the right to withhold all or part of the balance and/or
recover from Your
account deposits, pay outs, bonuses, winnings that are
attributable to any of
the practices contemplated. In such circumstances, Your
details will be passed
to the applicable Authority, Regulatory Body or any other
external third
parties. The rights set out here are without prejudice to
any other rights that
we may have against You under these Terms and Conditions or
5. Entire Agreement & Severability
5.1This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between
the User and Zeslots with respect to this Website and
save in the case of
fraud it supersedes all prior or contemporaneous
communications and proposals,
whether electronic, oral or written, between the User and Casino
Zeslots with
respect to this Website.
5.2A printed version of this agreement and of any notice
given in electronic form shall be admissible in judicial or
proceedings based upon or relating to this agreement to the
same extent and
subject to the same conditions as other business documents
and records
originally generated and maintained in printed form.
5.3These Terms and Conditions are governed by the Laws of
Curaçao and the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the
courts of Curaçao
and/or the Arbitration Insititue of the Netherlands Antilles
and Aruba (AINAA),
in accordance with the rules of arbitration of said Institute.